Due to busy full time work commitments and other circumstances, we are no longer breeding, as I can not dedicated the time required to care for a litter of puppies correctly. Would like to thank everyone that has contacted us over the years and either purchased a puppy from us and have made some lovely friends in the process or those that have visited our website and gained knowledge from our information pages. Our website will remain active for as many years as possible to continue this service.


We still have our much loved companions and friends in our remaining German Shepherd Dogs and in all the years we were breeding, we always had our contract accompany each of our home bred puppies and only once in all that time did we have to honour it, though this dog is an active obedience dog and very much loved also by his family. We wish you well in your endeavors and the journey through life with your German Shepherd Dog.


In keeping with our breeds, founder, Capt Max v Stephanitz, we are a small kennel, situated in Bucca, Bundaberg, Qld, Australia. Renowned for dogs with wonderful temperaments and character. We only use German Shepherd Dogs in our breeding program, that we would want to have as companions ourselves. Our dogs do not carry the long coat gene.


Whilst we were lightly involved in dog showing, this was not our main interest, this lies in having a fun time with our dogs, as our pages within will testify and to eventually get back to our first love, obedience trials and working our dogs.


We are very choosey in what dogs, at maturity, we will use in our breeding program, we will not use animals that do not gain the 'A'Z' hip and elbow scheme, nor those that are problem dogs and difficult to live with. Our dogs, raised from puppies onwards, are not wrapped in kid gloves, to ensure we use the most vigorously healthy dogs available, they live as you would live with your companions, any dogs that fail to gain the AZ stamp, we prefer to desex .

We make no false claims about our dogs and our number 1 aim is to continue with our good name and we will not compromise this, we are more than happy to furnish you with references from our puppy owners.


Don and Heidie 








Tairnbacher Calamity 'A'Z' and Leabsahiba Ms M 'A'Z'




The Breed Description of the German Shepherd Dog clearly states;

GENERAL APPEARANCE - The German Shepherd Dog is medium sized, slightly elongated, powerful and well muscled, the bones dry and the overall structure firm

CHARACTERISTICS - Usage: All round working, herding and service dog.
TEMPERAMENT - The German Shepherd Dog must be of well balanced temperament, steady of nerve, self assured, absolutely free and easy, and (unless provoked) completely good natured, as well as alert and tractable.  He must have courage, combative instinct and hardness, in order to be suitable as companion, watch, protection, service and herding dog.

The dog when viewed - There should be no exaggeration to the dog, nothing to detract from the eye, a truly balanced dog.


The same qualities Leabashiba expects in our own breeding program.



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